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By Terrance M. Booysen

In a world filled with many selfish acts, it is refreshing to witness an act where someone -- or an organisation -- goes beyond their call of duty to help another without expecting anything in return.  Indeed, there may be a number of these selfless deeds taking place which are not seen or promoted enough.  Many of the people behind these good deeds are in fact people who do not actively seek recognition for their work and they continue their work driven by their passion, regardless of who may be watching.  Upon reflecting more about the term ‘selfless deeds’, one may be reminded of the Dalai Lama XIV’s wise words saying that our prime purpose in this life is about helping others and if we cannot help them, we shouldn’t hurt them.  This makes so much sense.

If only more people would roll up their sleeves and instead of asking what can be done to help another person in need, to just spontaneously greet a stranger, or offer a helping hand to an elderly person crossing the street, or pay for the loaf of bread to the beggar in front of you at the queue in the supermarket.  These random acts of kindness are seldom seen, and when -- through some strange twist of fate -- a person witnesses such acts, they do somehow affect you in one way or another.  For some people caught up in this moment they may have cynical thoughts, for others they may have a pang of guilt, or they may be consumed by the kindness of others and this invariably causes them to also want to get involved.

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