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Time to insure your position as the net broadens for ‘Prescribed Officers’ (2011-10-31)

What is now crystal clear for directors and prescribed officers -- particularly since the launch of the Companies Act 2008 (‘the Act’) which became effective on 01 May 2011

Accurate minute taking can save your reputation, even your pocket (2011-10-28)

Most notably, and after the collapse of many well known corporations, including the countless scandals of poor corporate governance practices and corruption;

The net broadens for ‘Prescribed Officers’ of a company (2011-09-19)

Following the introduction of the new Companies Act No.71 of 2008, (‘the Act’), employees may well want to establish with their HR departments whether or not their job-related functions fall within the ambit of a prescribed officer, as defined in the Act.

A Growth Path to be travelled where there is convergence . (2011-08-29)

There is no doubt that South Africa has enjoyed a center stage over the past few decades; from having been damned by the world for its previous apartheid policies and then followed with praise and admiration post 1994, when our country demonstrated its first free and fair democratic elections.

Trying to survive increasingly difficult questions? (2011-08-17)

In a competitive market, businesses are struggling to find a competitive edge and a unique selling position for their products and services, whilst at the same time trying to deal with a web of complex laws, and increasing pressure to ensure that the company is compliant with sound governance practices. 

Living out good corporate social values (2011-08-16)

“When asking companies what they actually do on a practical level when one of their employees or their employee’s loved ones get diagnosed with a dread disease like cancer, I was surprised to find that most often they can’t answer and have no idea of how many survivors they have amongst their employees”, says Karin Metz, Volunteer Chairperson of CANSA Corporate Relay For Life and Executive Director BNI.

One planet, one chance… (2011-08-02)

Waste not, want not” or so the adage goes.  Yet, year after year people carry on regardless of the negative consequences their careless and wasteful behaviour has on natural resources. 

Directors beware: There’s a new meaning to Business Rescue (2011-06-27)

All too often, the dream of setting up a company and establishing a business is rushed into by zealous individuals, eager to make a quick profit. 

Managing Human Capital Matters (2011-06-20)

In some organisations, lip service is given to the fact that employees are their biggest and most important asset. 

Disregard of company policies can cripple (2011-05-30)

When you first hear your colleagues discussing the need to draft or revisit a company policy, you may be inclined to think this is a menial task meant to keep someone busy.