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CGF is exceptionally proud and pleased to announce that Monica Singer (CA (SA)) has agreed to join the prestigious ranks of CGF’s Honorary Patrons.  Monica was one of the key visionaries that allowed the JSE to rapidly migrate from an essentially paper-based operation to a fully automated electronic exchange.

Originally from Uruguay and now a proud South African citizen, Monica is renowned for nurturing a common vision for her team, allowing them to find innovative technological solutions to solve complex challenges.  To say that Monica is ‘brave’ is an understatement; she is a courageous and vibrant leader with endless energy, and her business associates often testify to her deep passion for improving business systems and processes, no matter the odds.

Her socio-economic drive to empower people through the use of technology is strongly evident in the manner in which she managed and advanced the introduction and implementation of an electronic settlement mechanism for the South African financial markets.  As a result of Monica’s visionary leadership over two decades as the CEO of Strate Limited, and her continuous drive for improvement, Strate has been globally recognised as one of the most progressive Central Securities Depositories, and has played a critical role in helping to establish the JSE as one of the best exchanges in the world.

Monica Singer (Right)

Monica Singer (Right) accepts an Honorary Patronship from Terrance Booysen, CEO of CGF Research Institute

No one will doubt Monica’s entrepreneurial spirit.  Having been the CEO of Strate for almost two decades, and since Monica’s recent departure, she has set her sights on again leveraging technology to deliver innovative ways of enhancing stakeholder value through the utilisation of block-chain technology.  Blockchain technologies are set to rapidly change the conventional economy as we currently know it today.  With Monica’s technological insights and vast experience in automating processes to empower stakeholder communities (such as she did for the JSE), there’s no telling what business solutions may be unlocked and become one of the mechanisms of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Considering her exemplary track record, including her role as the VP of the Africa & Middle East Depositories Association (AMEDA), as well as her roles in the World Forum of CSDs and Americas’ Central Depositories Association (ACSDA), Monica’s international network will stand her in good stead as she applies herself within the new wave of digital technology, all encapsulated within the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as 4IR or Industry 4.0.

CGF’s Honorary Patrons are extraordinary leaders, and bring incredible insight and value to our executive leadership, including our team of professional consultants.  Our past Honorary Patrons are Dr Mathews Phosa, Professor Shirley Zinn, Devi Sankaree Govender, Michael Judin, Bernard Peter Agulhas, Tina Eboka, Wendy Luhabe, Professor Jonathan Jansen, Amy Kleinhans-Curd, Professor Steven Friedman and Edward Chr. Kieswetter.  All of these patrons have been incredibly supportive of the governance work we perform in CGF, and their depth of knowledge and governance wisdom has fulfilled a profoundly valuable role in CGF.

In accordance with our two-year rotation policy, Monica Singer replaces our outgoing Honorary Patron, namely Advocate Thuli Madonsela.  Our current serving patrons are now Christine Ramon, Russell Loubser, Prof. Michael Katz and Monica Singer.  The Honorary Patron appointments have expectedly had a positive effect upon the governance services being offered by CGF to our broad range of clients, which extends well beyond our customary research and reporting.  To this extent, the additional value Monica brings to CGF is vital; especially considering her role in block chain technology and the inevitable impacts this will have upon corporate governance, not least also an organisation’s future sustainability.

CGF is honoured to have Monica join the ranks of our professional team, and furthermore drawing great wisdom and experience from her deep business insights.  Expectedly, our patrons do influence the manner in which CGF positions itself as a leading governance consulting company in South Africa.  Through their inspiration and guidance, we look forward to assisting more organisations to build a new generation of admirable, ethical leaders whose aspirations are nothing less than placing the legitimate interests of their country and their organisation’s above their own.

Considering the pace of technological change taking place across the world, and the demands being made for better practices of corporate governance, Monica’s acceptance of a CGF Honorary Patronship makes perfect sense.


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