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Private Governance Courses:

In an effort to assist organisations deal with the complexities surrounding governance, risk and compliance (‘GRC’), CGF specifically caters for the organisation’s in-house training requirements of all industry sector types, irrespective of whether or not the organisation is large or small, listed or unlisted, for profit or not.

Whilst two of CGF’s most popular training courses, namely Governance Beyond Boards® and Corporate Governance Framework® are the flagship series, many customised corporate governance training sessions are produced specifically to address the needs of organisations.

1)  Corporate Governance Framework® Workshop

Join Terrance M. Booysen in a 1-day practical workshop where delegates will be provided insights that assist them to build a Corporate Governance Framework® for their company.  Cutting past the rhetoric and academic hype, the delegates will spend the day discussing the components and then physically draft their own Corporate Governance Framework®.

As the governance blue-print of the company, this workshop provides delegates an understanding of the components required for a Corporate Governance Framework®.  After the day session, delegates will have a clear understanding of their shortfalls, and with this knowledge they will be equipped to rapidly fill the gaps in their respective companies.  By not blue-printing the company’s Corporate Governance Framework®, the company will forever be on the back-foot.  And with the ever-increasing risks and burdening legislation, companies can be rapidly drawn into the quicksand, where profit making and sustainability becomes more of an illusion than fact.  There’s no doubt that business must make profit, and if the company’s governance framework is missing or lacking, they should expect the inevitable.

For additional information, or to register, call Petra on +27 (0)11 476 8264 or email on accounts@cgf.co.za

2)  Governance Beyond Boards® Intervention

What it takes to be a director...

The reality currently in South Africa is that many directors are not properly informed, neither aware of the vast liabilities they are exposed to when they are appointed to serve as executive or non-executive directors within a company or state-owned organisation.  In many instances, HR may not have informed their directors of these risks and which will inevitably lead to unwanted exposure and stress.  As a result, people are appointed to these high-profile positions without being properly informed of the extent to which they could be held severally and jointly liable as directors.  Expectedly, this is one of the reasons why formal induction is necessary, but is lacking within many companies.

Needless to say, when things go wrong the ‘buck’ eventually stops at the door of a director and the board.   As a director, they will need to prove that they had sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to mitigate the risks, not least that they applied these through the course of their duties.

CGF’s renowned Governance Beyond Boards® Intervention will assist aspiring and existing directors understand the many nuances attached to their functions, and unpack practical issues to equip them to becoming more confident and informed of their fiduciary duties.  Considering the ever-increasing demands placed upon directors; being vaguely aware of these matters is tantamount to being reckless.  Directors have to be ahead of the game, and their wider understanding of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) related matters is a non-negotiable.

For additional information, or to register, call Petra on +27 (0)11 476 8264 or email on accounts@cgf.co.za