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Public Governance Courses:

CGF’s public training Interventions will assist aspiring and existing directors, including senior managers understand the many nuances attached to their functions, and unpack practical issues to equip them to becoming more confident and informed of their fiduciary duties. Directors and senior managers have to be ahead of the game, and in order to stay ahead, their wider practical understanding of governance, risk and compliance related matters is a non-negotiable.


CGF's Public Training Calendar 2020

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A 1-day training on Whistleblowing: An ethical necessity & moral imperative

14 September 2020 or 13 November 2020, Johannesburg

Join Terrance M. Booysen in a 1-day whistleblowers governance training session where delegates are provided insights that assist them understand the necessities of not just doing the right thing when it comes to discovering or suspecting misconduct in the workplace, but more importantly, how to deal with it!

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Governance Beyond Boards® Intervention

16 - 17 September 2020 or 10 - 11 November 2020, Johannesburg

Join Terrance M. Booysen in a 2-day practical Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance (‘GRC’) Intervention, where he provides insights to company’s directors, prescribed officers and managers covering the GRC risks, rewards and challenges linked to the daily tasks of fulfilling your duties in a company or state-owned organisation.

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A 1-day practical workshop drafting the company’s Corporate Governance Framework®

18 September 2020 or 12 November 2020, Johannesburg

Join Terrance M. Booysen in a 1-day practical Workshop where delegates will be provided insights that assist them to actually build a Corporate Governance Framework® for their company.  Cutting past the rhetoric and academic hype, the delegates will spend the day discussing the components and then draft their own Corporate Governance Framework®.

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