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CGF Conference Testimonials

“This was an “eye-opener” and excellent session in demonstrating the practical issues related to governance, ethics and into management...”
“Great day, great lecture and I hope you continue to do the same for other companies, and also help them to grow...”
“Eye opener both within work environment and private life and the country...”
“Very informative, some very serious issues were raised.  I will recommend this course to others...”
“It was a very informative session and one will be able to carry the company flag high in forms of governance issues...”
 - Telkom
"Terry is very experienced on the topic governance.  I think he is the best educator ..."
"The material was presented clearly and conveyed in an understandable manner. Brilliant!  Clear and to the point ..."
"I expected a clinical presentation but was pleasantly surprised. I have learned new things ..."
"I would recommend the private sector (listed and non-listed) to attend this presentation - I wish that all our directors were here - this is an eye-opener ..."
"He knows and loves what he is doing ..."
 - City of Johannesburg
"Terry is very informed and passionate.  He spoke with confidence and used general/outsider verification to support credibility ..."
"Terry has a high level of expertise and is very knowledgeable on the subject of governance ..."
"The presentation made a lot of sense.  Examples are clear, easily illustrated and to the point ..."
"A lively interactive session ..."
 - WesBank
"Highly informative, and interactive, yet informal and easy understandable ..."
"Excellent!  Terry is the subject matter expert, he is good in what he does ..."
"He has a vast knowledge and experience ..."
"Excellent, intellectual experienced presenter ..."
 - Services Seta
"Thank you so much for today’s wonderful presentation, we really enjoyed every moment ..."
"Thank you once again for yet another powerful, inspiring and absolutely insightful presentation which was well received by all present.  It’s really amazing what a huge impact your presentations always seem to leave on your audience! The content and message was of great relevance to all present. I am now looking forward to introducing your material throughout the Bank via our Compliance portal and I am looking forward to our next session with, Internal Audit and Corporate Secretariat..."
Many thanks once more for sharing in our Risk Awareness week ..."
 - Development Bank of Southern Africa
"The CGF workshop was an eye-opener and revived some of the issues of governance that one forgot..."
"Provided good insight and concise understanding of the governance and accountability roles..."
"An excellent, well presented subject – very provocative and challenges us to see things differently and not take things for granted.  100% important..."
"Pragmatic implementation of the course..."
 - Total SA
“Excellent. Professional and to the point. Overall a good session...”  - National Bank of Commerce Ltd
"A pleasant surprise. I expected a boring "governed" presentation and found it to be a very informative session...”
"Very informative – it was stimulating and challenging...”
"This was just too excellent - I can't believe I nearly missed it...”
"Real issues, and more importantly, law requirements were brought to our attention and the importance of it's implementation is a must...”
 - Motseng Investments
“Very knowledgeable and convincing...”
“The presenter's style is excellent and makes it easier to understand.  Thank you, excellent!...”
“Highly educational.  I learned a lot from this presentation...”
“Such presentations should be opened up to more stakeholders and staff in general because governance issues matters at all levels of the organisation...”
“He is fantastic and managed to keep me awake right through the presentation...”
“The presentation was a good eye-opener to the need for radical change in order for the entity to move to a state of good governance with proper risk quality and compliance...”
“Every manager must get the information. The course is very practical...”
“I now have a much greater knowledge of GRC...”
“Impressed, empowered and educated is my view of this training...”
 - Centlec
“The presentation of the training was quite ‘fair and square’ in all aspects. I learned a lot...”
“Brilliant!! Very interesting, learned about things that can be used in future...”
“Very good course with good, usable information. The presentation made me realise that one has to think out of the box and do not say that it is not your company, because it is giving you a salary at the end of the month...”
“This was excellent time spent, I thought it would only cover Corporate Governance, but it was much more than that...”
 - Forever Resorts
“Excellent intervention and well worth attending...”
“Excellent subject knowledge combined with a relaxed, yet thought provoking presentation style...”
 - Babcock Africa

"Learning happens when one is challenged and is taken out of one's comfort zone.  This is what I experienced!...”

 - Leselo
"Due to my background and  experience in the area, I thought I would be bored - I was pleasantly surprised and I learnt a lot - great!!!...”
“Examples provided made understanding of GRC clearer/simpler and added value to our day to day working environment...”
“An excellent course that allows you to view governance holistically...”
“This was a well structured and focused program presented in layman's terms...”
“The course was informative, practical and provided a great insight into the various governance structures and issues that arise. Thoroughly enjoyed it - two days well spent...”
 - Standard Bank
“The presentation was excellent and the flow of material was very logical...”
“I found the session to be very useful and practical in my day to day duties as a director...”
“The presenter knows the subject matter well, the presentation style was interactive, gave out relevant practical examples...”
 - CRDB Bank (Zimbabwe)
"Great training, very stimulating. Very good insights to where we are aiming as an organisation...”
“Knowledgeable and energetic...”
 - Apollo Tyres Group (Dunlop, Continental, Regal)
"Well done! Great to listen to the presentation - factual and to the point...”
“Thanks! It was brilliant!”...”
 - Tasima
“The facilitator had a very good way of connecting business, government and global issues and their importance incorporated in good governance and importance to strategy. "Don't survive, we must thrive...”
“The content is core to sustainable performance. Good knowledge of subject matter by presenter...”
 - CIH Group (Namibia)
“Brilliant, interesting course content on good governance and risk...”
“I liked the "in your face" approach. It helps to absorb and internalize the information...”
"I like the way you give examples because it is then not that easy to wipe this out of our minds...”
"Great value for the LSS team.  To be recommended for all people serving as leaders and officers...”
 - Lephalale Site Services
“Very well presented.  Provided empowerment to do my job more effectively and with confidence...”
“Very interesting.  Feel very privileged to have the opportunity to attend the course...”
“Except for understanding governance, I also learnt how to challenge by questioning and not to assume that everyone is on the same level...”
“I learned so much. Unsettling. Stimulated thinking. Thank you so much for stretching us. Will now go and work at it...”