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Important Notices

Whilst every effort is undertaken by CGF’s Conference Partners to provide CGF’s constituents the best qualified presenters and quality conference content as displayed on our website; delegates interested in attending such events should carefully consider the following aspects prior to securing their bookings:

  1. the suitability of presenters and their agenda outline;

  2. the credentials and experience of presenters;

  3. the relevance of the conference and the applicability thereof to the delegate’s own business;

  4. the policy of the Conference Partners where the Conference Agenda has:

  5. the policy of the Conference Partners regarding returned delegate fees as a result of a Conference which is deemed to have been of a sub-standard nature or quality, either in whole and / or in part.

Under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, delegates (‘consumers’) are empowered to act against the supplier (‘Conference Partner’) such where they believe and can legitimately show that the service (conference) rendered was of a sub-standard nature and / or quality.  Through the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, the onus rests upon the supplier (‘Conference Partner’) to prove otherwise.

BLACK LISTED (Without Prejudice)

1.    Shovu Consulting (‘Shovu’) -  recently approached CGF to provide them a two day corporate governance workshop outline for their client, under the heading Governance Beyond Boards®.  CGF complied with this request and provided Shovu the outline for the Governance Beyond Boards®.  Shovu only dealt telephonically with CGF and never met with CGF.  At no stage was CGF informed of who the client was, neither where or when the training would occur.  Then, unexpectedly and without any prior notice to CGF, Shovu phoned CGF (CGF is based in Johannesburg) on 24 June 2014 saying the client had arrived in Cape Town from Botswana and demanded that CGF conduct the training the following day (25-27 June 2014).  The client on the other hand had been informed by Shovu that the training had been cancelled after their arrival in Cape Town.  Expectedly, the client was irate, considering they had wasted money for five of their directors’ trips, accommodation and travel expenses to Cape Town.  No money was exchanged between Shovu and CGF.  Please note that Shovu Consulting are blacklisted by CGF as a consequence of them having mislead their client, as well has failing to meet their obligations to their client.  Moreover, Shovu have grossly misrepresented CGF.  The Shovu parties involved are ‘Simon M’ and Terry Chadwick.  www.shovuconsulting.co.za

2.    BPW Events Management (Pty) Ltd [a South African company] - Represented by its CEO in South Africa, Ms Toni Gomes, who associates BPW Events Management (Pty) Ltd with the then South African Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies, including the mother body of the International Federation of Business and Professional Woman ('BPW International'), has made intermittent use of CGF’s governance training services over the last few years.  

More recently (June 2019) -- without any form of approval from CGF -- BPW Events Management (Pty) Ltd plagiarised CGF’s IP, posting the entire Governance Beyond Boards®  intervention agenda on their website, purporting the programme as their own.  This matter was reported to CGF, whereupon Ms Gomes was requested to immediately remove CGF’s IP from the BPW Events Management (Pty) Ltd website.  CGF's instruction to remove its content from the BPW Event Management website was removed, and it was then replaced with other governance services provider's  training services.

CGF was furthermore informed on 05 July 2019 -- by BPW International's Patricia Maya Herrera (BPW Member Services) that -- "the club presided by Ms. Toni Gomes was abrogated in October 2017, therefore Ms. Toni Gomes is not representing BPW International in South Africa.  She has no right to claim any affiliation and has no relation whatsoever with BPW International."

Accordingly, through Ms Gomes’ unethical business conduct, CGF immediately distances itself from Ms Gomes and BPW Events Management (Pty) Ltd. www.bpw-jhbsa.co.za

Thank you for your attention in this regard.