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Dear CGF clients, constituents and followers

A brave new world

As the world, and indeed South Africa, now faces the uncertainty of a risk that threatens human life, business operations and social movement as we know it, the Corona virus (Covid-19) has forced the world’s leaders and businesses to rethink  measures aimed at  protecting a nation and its inhabitants to ensure their safety and survival.

CGF fully supports the South African President’s call for all South Africans to work together to keep our country’s citizens safe. 

Good governance is key

Considering the volatility Covid-19 can potentially unleash upon our country, including businesses, it is imperative that every individual in South Africa respect and value the conditions set by President Ramaphosa.

In the event that any person transgresses these lock-down conditions, such actions may lead to far more serious events, with many outcomes having potentially long lasting and negative consequences.  To this end, good governance calls for – amongst other – ethical leadership and ethical behaviour, proper discipline and structures that demand citizens to be law-abiding in an effort that ensures orderly conduct across the length and breadth of our country.

Our commitment

CGF respects the decision to place the country into lock-down and we will therefore be suspending all physical client visits with immediate effect.

During the lock-down period, CGF will be available online and telephonically.  We are also available for video conferencing meetings and we will endeavour to engage and deliver upon all our commitments without compromising our usual professional goverance standards and deliverables.

Accordingly, for the duration of the lock-down period, all our governance consultants and employees will work remotely.


South Africa is known as a resilient, friendly and spirited nation.  Our country’s constitution encourages the strong and the fittest to assist the weak and vulnerable.  Let’s live up to these committed values and stand together as a united nation; one that becomes stronger during and after the challenges brought about through Covid-19.

Covid-19 will have severe social and economic impacts, but as a nation which stands united, we will overcome this difficult period and emerge stronger, wiser, more experienced and better prepared for the next challenge.

We urge you and your colleagues, including your loved ones, to keep safe and be healthy.

We firmly believe that South Africa, and indeed the rest of the world, will overcome these challenging times.

Yours in good governance.

The CGF Executives

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