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There is old-age adage that goes: “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”  As this phrase evolved through the years, and as women have become key catalysts in changing the modern day professional workplace, it is little wonder that the expression is sometimes heard as: “If you want something done well and properly, ask a busy woman to do it”!

Against this backdrop of a busy, reliable and successful businesswoman who achieves her goals in both her professional and personal life, Ramani Naidoo is one such person. Renowned for being exceptionally busy - somehow she effortlessly addresses the many tough challenges she is faced with on a daily basis.  Given her exceptionally high work ethic, which is supported by her passion and dexterity to address her daily challenges, Ramani takes matters comfortably in her stride no matter the stressful circumstances she may be faced with.

As an admitted attorney, notary public and conveyancer who spent some years in private practice before moving into corporate roles, Ramani has held a number of Group Company Secretarial and Head of Legal positions in several major corporations. Companies Ramani has worked for include the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), the Southern Sun Group, Gensec Bank, Edward Nathan Friedland, Adcock Ingram Holdings and Aspen Pharmacare, amongst others.  These senior positions require an individual who not only understands and can apply the legal provisions expected of these demanding positions, but also a person who has expert knowledge and experience in corporate governance matters, coupled with sound business acumen.

Ramani Naidoo accepts an Honorary Patronship from Terrance Booysen, CEO of CGF Research Institute

Ramani Naidoo accepts an Honorary Patronship from Terrance Booysen, CEO of CGF Research Institute

Together with her husband, Rory, Ramani has been involved in various business ventures and commercial and leisure property developments. In addition to various non-executive roles of listed and unlisted companies, Ramani is currently the chief executive of Parnis Airport Services.  It is therefore not surprising that Ramani’s experience, depth of knowledge and straightforward approach have made her an asset in many corporate boardrooms.

Ramani has a deep-rooted passion for aviation. Her ‘day-job’ involves running a specialist airport infrastructure maintenance and engineering company with operations at OR Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports. When off duty, Ramani and husband, Rory enjoy flying themselves to various destinations in Southern Africa.

Ramani’s other passion is corporate governance. Talk to Ramani about corporate governance and her eyes light up!  If there was any ‘spare time’ in Ramani’s busy schedule, she applied herself to writing extensively on corporate governance. Her publications include Corporate Governance – An Essential Guide for South African Companies (Double Storey Books, 2002), The Effective Directors’ Guide (2004), and Corporate Governance – An Essential Guide for South African Companies (2nd and 3rd  editions) (LexisNexis, 2009 & 2016), as well as articles on various aspects of governance in local and regional publications.

Accordingly, it is with great pleasure to welcome Ms. Ramani Naidoo as our next Honorary Patron to CGF Research Institute.  Ramani’s wealth of experience, having served on many boards in various capacities, her passion for corporate governance and her business judgment bodes well for the nature of CGF’s work within South Africa and abroad.

CGF’s Honorary Patrons are meticulously selected and their appointments are based foremost upon their ethical leadership, business and social gravitas, depth of governance knowledge, including their respective experience and skills which enhance the values and purpose of CGF.  CGF’s Honorary Patrons are all extraordinary leaders, and they bring incredible insight and value to our executive leadership, including our team of professional consultants.  Our past Honorary Patrons are Dr Mathews Phosa, Professor Shirley Zinn, Devi Sankaree Govender, Michael Judin, Bernard Peter Agulhas, Tina Eboka, Wendy Luhabe, Professor Jonathan Jansen, Amy Kleinhans-Curd, Professor Steven Friedman, Edward Chr. Kieswetter, Adv. Thuli Madonsela, Russel Loubser and Christine Ramon.

Our patrons are incredibly supportive of the governance work we perform in CGF.  Indeed, their depth of knowledge and governance wisdom has fulfilled a profoundly valuable role in CGF.  In accordance with our two-year rotation policy, Ramani Naidoo succeeds Christine Ramon as our outgoing Honorary Patron.  Our current serving patrons are therefore Prof. Michael Katz, Monica Singer, David Loxton and Ramani Naidoo.

The Honorary Patron appointments have expectedly had a positive effect upon the governance services offered by CGF to our broad range of clients, which extend well beyond our customary research and reporting. With our patrons’ ongoing support, CGF continues its work to improve governance within the private and government sectors by encouraging all organisations to drive a culture of accountability and then transparently report their governance status through a Corporate Governance Framework®.

Expectedly, our patrons influence the manner in which CGF positions itself as a leading governance consulting company in South Africa.  Through their inspiration and guidance, we look forward to assisting more organisations to build a new generation of admirable, ethical leaders whose aspirations are nothing less than placing the legitimate interests of their country and their organisation’s above their own.


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