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We are pleased to welcome Glen Talbot as the newest member to join CGF’s team of Lead Independent Consultants.  Glen has acquired a wealth of internal audit experience over the last 24 years in various industry sectors including the Financial Services Sector, Public Entities, Media Broadcasting and the Motor Industry.  Glen has a keen interest in performing governance assessments with reference to the Corporate Governance Framework®, more especially in the areas of internal audit and combined assurance.

Whilst most organisations have been required to bolster their internal governance processes in order to improve their risk management performance and overall sustainability, many have experienced challenges to either understand the need for implementing additional governance measures, or justifying its value.  Indeed, this situation may be further complicated by a governing body (board) who have a narrow view or limited understanding of the governance imperative of effective risk management.  This position is exacerbated by the belief that legislative compliance is in itself sufficient to claim that the organisation is being properly governed.  This perspective is of course incorrect, not least of all damaging to the organisation, including the board and the organisation’s stakeholders.

Unfortunately, even with the addition of the Chief Audit Executives as an additional layer of assurance, the reality is that in many circumstances the independence expected of this position is often compromised by either a dominant CEO, or an indifferent board.

Glen forms part of CGF’s extended team of governance, risk and compliance professionals, who are seasoned business leaders and who have had the opportunity to work closely with various boards.  Together, our experienced consultants are able to assist CGF’s clients to extract significant value from a properly implemented and structured Corporate Governance Framework®, which has equal applicability to public, private and non-profit organisations.

Glen Talbot

Glen Talbot (CA (SA)) joins CGF Research Institute as a Lead Independent Consultant

Our team can assist the organisation in attesting to its compliance with the various levels of combined assurance as well as in augmenting the requisite lines of defense within the organisation’s governance framework.

A well-implemented governance framework will have a profound impact on the organisation and its stakeholders.  It changes the traditional perspective and behaviour of the board, as well as internal and external audit.

To find out more about CGF’s corporate governance services, please contact CGF at: accounts@cgf.co.za or phone +27 (0)11 476 8264 / 1.


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About CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd: Professional Services

CGF is a Proudly South African, Level 4 B-BBEE compliant company that specialises in corporate governance services and consulting.  The company has developed numerous products and services that address governance, risk and compliance (GRC) matters, all designed to create a high-level awareness and understanding of GRC issues materially impacting the organisation.

Our professional consulting capabilities include the aggregation of local and international best of breed governance reporting and research services and include;

• strategic management consulting, business re-structuring, executive placements, executive coaching, board assessments and evaluation, out-sourced company secretarial functions, facilitation of corporate governance awareness workshops, IT governance through to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) consulting.

CGF’s services can be tailored to suit large corporates, small and medium-sized businesses as well as state-owned organisations.

To find out more about CGF, its Lead Independent Consultants and Patrons access www.cgf.co.za  or www.corporate-governance.co.za or phone +27 (0)11 476 8264 / 1


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