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Corporate Governance Body of Knowledge®

About CGF’s Corporate Governance Body of Knowledge®

CGF provides regular articles and monthly reports to its subscribing customers via the Corporate Governance Body of Knowledge® web-based product. The content of this material is drawn from many sources. Most of these sources are provided to allow the reader the opportunity to reference more detailed information if such a need arises. Moreover, CGF customers are also provided the contact details of each subject-matter-expert (SME) -- who peer reviews CGF’s reports -- in order that they may seek further assistance from these SMEs when necessary.

The nature of these reports is to continuously ‘feed’ CGF’s Corporate Governance Body of Knowledge® in order to provide the reader a wide source of intellectual capital with bearing on corporate governance related matters. In many respects, this service acts as an ‘intelligent research engine’ for its customers, by including the ideas, experiences or opinions shared with CGF by its wide audience, including the external SME peer reviewers who verify the accuracy of each report.

CGF’s reports are compiled objectively - the material is provided in a transparent manner - for the benefit of all its audience.
The nature of CGF’s reports is to provide its audience - whether an expert or not - a broad perspective and understanding of various issues relating to governance as it would be seen in the business sector. Due to the complex nature of the topics, including its detail and volume, CGF summarizes many areas to provide the reader an overview of the various topics and its salient points.

CGF’s reports serve as a framework for additional information for those readers with a more detailed knowledge and understanding of governance related matters.

Additional information can easily be integrated to CGF’s reports and customized according to those areas considered strategic to the organisation.