Hardly a day goes by in South Africa that someone does not become a victim of opportunistic crime.  Social media channels such as YouTube are awash with video clips of incidents captured by onlookers, such as this smash and grab incident which took place on Witkoppen Road in Fourways during peak hour traffic.  It begs the question of how we can protect ourselves from falling victim to the spate of opportunistic crime that seems to be an everyday event in South Africa.

“Many of us travel with items such as cameras, ipods, laptops, tablets, smart phones, designer handbags, sunglasses and so on, in our vehicles,” says Mandy Barrett of insurance brokerage and risk advisors, Aon South Africa. “The risk posed by these items can be significant and surprising when one considers that one insurance underwriter recently settled a R50 000 claim for a designer handbag and its contents. The increased value of designer goods and tech gadgets such as handbags, apparel and computing equipment is a key reason to review the ‘All Risks’ section of your insurance policy and make sure you are appropriately covered for any loss,” explains Mandy.

“Many people insure portable items such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and the like under the household contents section of their insurance policy. However, once these items are removed from your home for whatever reason, they cease to be covered unless you have specified them under the ‘All Risks’ section of your policy,” advises Mandy.

All Risks cover is an aspect of everyday insurance covers that’s frequently overlooked and often the items we are referring to are high value. “Remember that household contents cover means just that – the contents of your home that stay within your home. All risk cover is different, although it often applies to the same item. Also, don’t forget that most polices offer an Unspecified All Risks section for smaller items, such as the contents of a handbag. Talk to your insurance broker about updating your policy to ensure you’re covered for all those valuables that may travel with you, out of your home,” advises Mandy

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