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Article by Terrance M. Booysen and peer reviewed by Megan Grindell (Director: Carter DGF)

Irrespective of where you may live -- and no matter what your line of business and language may be -- universal thoughts most often expressed by people regarding corruption is obscured in darkness and negativity.  Corruption is by no means something new; it has followed mankind throughout the ages and it continues to exist in various forms to include grand corruption, political corruption, corporate and administrative corruption, as well as petty and systemic corruption.

Sustainability depends on a strong governance framework (2015-04-16)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen

Corporate governance is one of the key elements many investors consider when they reflect upon the organisation’s success, as well as when deciding upon their investment choices.  But when the organisation’s governance system shows signs of stress or failure, not only do astute investors understand the unsettling impact it has upon the organisation’s supply chain, they also become wary about its sustainability which may give rise to them re-considering to ‘weather the storm’ or ‘bail out’ so to speak.

From signets to electronic signatures (2015-03-20)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen and reviewed by Niel Maritz (MKM Attorneys: Senior Partner)

As far back as biblical times, it seems that people were also concerned with the authenticity of a person’s signature.  Although there were far fewer people in those ancient times who actually had the power, authority and means to validate official documents, most of those in positions of authority wore and used signet rings.  Signet rings were unique to that person who was permitted to sign royal proclamations, among other official documents.