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Sustainability depends on a strong governance framework (2015-04-16)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen

Corporate governance is one of the key elements many investors consider when they reflect upon the organisation’s success, as well as when deciding upon their investment choices.  But when the organisation’s governance system shows signs of stress or failure, not only do astute investors understand the unsettling impact it has upon the organisation’s supply chain, they also become wary about its sustainability which may give rise to them re-considering to ‘weather the storm’ or ‘bail out’ so to speak.

From signets to electronic signatures (2015-03-20)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen and reviewed by Niel Maritz (MKM Attorneys: Senior Partner)

As far back as biblical times, it seems that people were also concerned with the authenticity of a person’s signature.  Although there were far fewer people in those ancient times who actually had the power, authority and means to validate official documents, most of those in positions of authority wore and used signet rings.  Signet rings were unique to that person who was permitted to sign royal proclamations, among other official documents.

Advertorial: Time to insure your position as the net broadens for prescribed officers (2015-02-27)

Advertorial issued by CGF Research Institute

What is now crystal clear for directors and prescribed officers -- particularly since the launch of the Companies Act 2008 (‘the Act’) -- is the fact that the personal liability as attached to directors and prescribed officers of any type of business operation, is unparalleled to years gone by.

Board evaluation – When boards ‘break’ (2015-02-26)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen and reviewed by Andrew Johnston (Altron Limited: Group Company Secretary)

It is interesting to Google the words ‘broken boards’.  Unsurprisingly, the search only reveals matters relating to broken skate boards or surf boards, and there is no mention of companies or organisations, where their boards have been ‘broken’ so to speak by its members.  Interestingly -- although there was a recent political connotation in this context where a President of a country has been accused of ‘breaking’ a Parliament -- one need not have much imagination to liken such an accusation in a similar context of a Chairman and/or the members of a board being accused of ‘breaking’ their board.

Sustainable environmental practices: No ‘monkey’ business (2015-02-16)

Advertorial by Terrance M. Booysen

As the world witnesses increasing threats upon our environment with greater imbalances placed upon our planet’s bio-diversity, there is -- with good reason -- heightened concern amongst governments, business corporations and civil society in an attempt to slow down the environmental destruction caused by humans. 

Directors balancing the assets: ISO 55000 (2015-01-29)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen and reviewed by reviewed by Tom Davel (I-Pam: Principle Consultant)

Being a director of a board requires the individual to not only understand their fiduciary duties owed to the organisation, it also demands a thorough understanding of the organisation’s business, assets and operations. 

Eskom’s woes present opportunities for criminals (2015-01-27)

Advertorial by Aon South Africa and CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd

Are you prepared for rolling power outages?

The growing constraints on South Africa’s power grid makes load shedding an unwelcome reality that many households and businesses will have to contend with during 2015. 

Leadership: Recognising need for governance training (2015-01-21)

Advertorial by CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd

We should all have an interest in helping to secure better governance in Africa.  It is the most effective means of preventing failed states and for building democracy that is lasting.

Knowledge is power: Reducing the governance risks (2015-01-19)

Advertorial by Kirsty Ridley (Head: CGF Governance Researcher)

Worldwide, Worldwide, and particularly in South Africa, reports of governance failures occurring in organisations are common.  There have been many instances where poor governance has contributed to the collapse of an organisation and most often, many people are negatively affected for the enrichment of a few greedy individuals.

Reckless Conduct: Disregarding standards of care (2014-11-21)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen

There has hardly been a day that goes by where the media headlines grip the attention of citizens, announcing yet another case of poor governance practices, or a director engaging in reckless business conduct.