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Directors beware: There’s a new meaning to Business Rescue (2011-06-27)

All too often, the dream of setting up a company and establishing a business is rushed into by zealous individuals, eager to make a quick profit. 

Managing Human Capital Matters (2011-06-20)

In some organisations, lip service is given to the fact that employees are their biggest and most important asset. 

Disregard of company policies can cripple (2011-05-30)

When you first hear your colleagues discussing the need to draft or revisit a company policy, you may be inclined to think this is a menial task meant to keep someone busy. 

The Challenges of Green (2011-05-23)

Back in 1624, John Donne coined the phrase that “no man is an island, entire of itself.” 

Counting each drop (2011-04-26)

Is it not ironic how some people can take things for granted and simply believe that the current presence of natural resources, such as water for example, is in itself a guarantee of a future supply?

Frustrating the transaction (2011-03-28)

The new Companies Act 2008, has been looming over the heads of South African businesses for a number of years, and whilst this has caused much frustration and criticism regarding its delayed implementation; one thing is certain - the Act will bring about lots of change and even further criticism once it is implemented.

Until death us do part? (2011-03-01)

Article issued by CGF Research Institute, Goldman Judin Inc. & Richard Connellan

One wonders just how many people may have misunderstood the meaning and the commitment they made when they uttered the words, “until death us do part”? 

Those were the days . . . of directorships (2011-01-31)

Article issued by CGF Research Institute and Goldman Judin Inc.

In comparison with the late 1980’s -- which seems just like yesterday -- it’s difficult to remember whether there were as many directors of companies then, as we know and experience it today.